The researchers listed below constitute the faculty of the IMPRS-IS. They are established leaders in intelligent systems, and their research spans the disciplines of machine learning, computer vision, robotic motion control, micro- and nano-robotics, and haptics. Each doctoral student in the IMPRS-IS works closely with a faculty advisor from this core group.

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Zeynep Akata

Explainable Machine Learning

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Frank Allgöwer

Control Systems

Executive Board

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Alexander Badri-Spröwitz


Executive Board

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Philipp Berens

Computational Neuroscience & Medical Data Science

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Matthias Bethge

Computer Vision

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Michael J. Black

Computer Vision

Executive Board

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Andrés Bruhn

Computer Vision

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Andreas Bulling

Intelligent User Interfaces & Computer Vision

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Martin Butz

Cognitive Systems

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Caterina De Bacco

Machine Learning

Executive Board

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Christian Ebenbauer

Control Theory & Optimization

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Peer Fischer

Micro- & Nano-Robotics

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Andreas Geiger

Computer Vision

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Martin A. Giese

Neural & Computational Models

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Matthias Hein

Machine Learning

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Philipp Hennig

Machine Learning

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Ardian Jusufi

BioRobotics, Soft Robotics, & Biomechanics

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Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Haptics & Robotics

Executive Board & Spokesperson

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Hendrik Lensch

Computer Graphics & Vision

Executive Board

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Falk Lieder

Computational Cognitive Science & Rationality Enhancement

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Georg Martius

Machine Learning & Robotics

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Mijung Park

Machine Learning

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Tian Qiu

Micro-Robotics & Biomedical Microdevices

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C. David Remy

Robotics & Locomotion

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Ludovic Righetti


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Syn Schmitt

Biomechanics & Biorobotics

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Gabriele Schweikert

Biomedical Data Science, Computational Epigenomics & Machine Learning

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Bernhard Schölkopf

Machine Learning

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Michael Sedlmair

Visualization & Virtual/Augmented Reality

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Fabian Sinz

Neuroscience & Machine Learning

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Metin Sitti

Micro- & Nano-Robotics

Executive Board

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Ingo Steinwart

Machine Learning

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Joerg Stueckler

Computer Vision & Robotics

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Marc Toussaint

Machine Learning & Robotics

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Sebastian Trimpe

Control Systems & Machine Learning

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Isabel Valera

Machine Learning

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Ulrike von Luxburg

Machine Learning

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Felix Wichmann

Perceptual Inference

Coordination Office

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Leila Masri


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Sara Sorce

Administrative Assistant

Associated Faculty

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Peter Dayan

Computational Neuroscience

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Alexander Ecker

Computational Neuroscience & Machine Learning

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Jonathan Fiene

Mechatronics & Robotics

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Bedartha Goswami

Machine Learning in Climate Science

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Daniel Haeufle

Motor Control & Rehabilitation Robotics

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Anna Levina

Computational Neuroscience

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Jim Mainprice


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Nico Pfeifer

Biomedical Data Science & Machine Learning

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Peter P. Pott

Medical Robotics & Haptics

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Gunther Richter

Material Science in Nanostructures

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Li Zhaoping

Vision & Brain

Senior researchers at the MPI for Intelligent Systems, the University of Stuttgart, the University of Tübingen are eligible to apply to join the IMPRS-IS faculty and associated faculty. Please contact our program coordinator to learn more about this opportunity.